April 10th, 2011
no words are required…

no words are required…

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April 6th, 2011

This right here…..is a classic

I saw this and it made me laugh!

I do this waaay too often. You know that “ooooh hold on…no this *insert descriptive derogatory word* didn’t” face

March 30th, 2011


For all those that are frequent readers of my blog, you must know that I have a fascination with love and men. Not in a lust and ‘I need a man now’ vibe but in a Beauty of love and commitment vibe.

I’m 23 years old and I am single. (I can’t believe I am baiting myself up on here *wipes…

March 26th, 2011

When a girl walks by me and gives me an attitude and stares me up and down.

Yes Bitch?

Daaaamn skippy….i don’t understand why so many black females look at you like you’re a pile of poo they accidentally stepped in…..

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March 25th, 2011
This is clearly the story of my life…..

This is clearly the story of my life…..

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March 24th, 2011

"It’s not you it’s me….." (but it’s actually you babe)

I was at dinner with a few of my guy friends earlier….(i call it dinner but Fishcotheque is hardly worthy of such a description…but the chicken is good)…I made a comment about how a lot of guys are scared of commitment because they have emotional issues. This set one of my guy friends off and he made a valid point that all females must acknowledge.

I’m sure a lot of girls have been in the situation where you think you and the guy you are seeing would be great together but he hasn’t made it “official” yet or in fact you are already official but then he suddenly can’t be in a relationship/situation anymore because he’s not ready to settle down yet/needs time to himself and enjoy his youth.

Aka the “it’s not you it’s me” push off…..

Cue your friends consoling you “aww he’s just a commitment phobe…he’s got issues”- I have actually said this to my friends too. Then in the back of your mind you are probably thinking “if he was ready to settle down it would be with me….”

A lot of times this is all just pure GAS, which may become evident 6 months later when you discover the guy is in a relationship and he’s practically in love (lols).

He may actually have been ready to settle down….just not with you! (just because you really like someone doesn’t mean it’s meant to be). Although this begs the question why wasn’t he just straight up?…..but imagine a guy saying “yeah you are cool just not cool enough to be MY long term girlfriend”-fingerprint marks would probably be left on his face from the hot slap a girl might deliver. 

Personally i would have so much respect for a guy who is straightforward about this kind of thing even if it really offended me….

Moral of the story is, guys if this is the case MAN UP and be honest, even if you have to start running as soon as you’ve told her the deal and girls realise that sometimes it actually is you!


March 16th, 2011

A lot of black girls are fully confused….

This post is about some of the weave styles some black females today are trying to rock…..this isn’t about bad weave-i don’t have the time or energy for the depth of that post. This is about girls who weave their hair in a style that doesn’t even work for the girls who do it with their real hair and now accompanied with foundation lips-if you know me well you know how much i detest that look….can you not afford lipstick-or even vaseline for that petroleum shine? (DPMO)

Exhibit no. 1


"Nuh Linga "the side sweep"

(i’ve edited the picture as to protect this girl’s identity and preserve her dignity-although she clearly isn’t worried about such)

Now if you look left to right (your left) you can see her weave is purposely swept across her forehead and pinned. What business does she have doing this style….why not just ask the hairdresser for a side swept fringe! I don’t even like seeing girls with real hair doing this look-it doesn’t look great.

Exhibit 2: The black “rah” girls….I couldn’t find a picture of this BUT these are the black girls trying to model themselves on the normal sloane ranger….who has “i rolled out of bed and came to uni in my pyjama bottoms and ugg boots  and just didn’t think to brush my hair look”

(Why is it only the blonde rahs that do this?)

The rah girls can make this work…but with a weave it looks shaaambolic-it just doesn’t work CAUSE I CAN SEE SOME OF YOUR TRACKS. (I have seen it pulled off successfully with relaxed hair though)

Ugh rant over…..

March 14th, 2011
March 10th, 2011

Hmm…and normally because of EWBM traits


mess it all up…

Ok, so I’m really nice to you. I spend time with you. It takes a while but I get to know you a lil bit deeper. I care about your interests. I try and understand your potential. I know what makes you laugh. I know what makes you think. I compliment your masculine attributes. I…

I heard this song today that I instantly fell in love with because it reminds me of a time when rnb girl groups were on point…i.e. the early 00s. The days when groups like 702, Dream, Blaque etc were doing their thing with up tempo RnB.

I am not up to talking about 90s rnb because I will just cry at the state of music today….

But anyway listen to this. They are called RaidR and are Teddy Riley’s daughter (of Blackstreet fame/Wreckx n Effect…if you didn’t know lol). Now lyrically it’s fluff but i love the beat.

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